#TNT25 - Advanced performance, Greater riding pleasure.\nNew showrooms in Pokhara and Chitwan!\nShowroom in Itahari Coming Soon!!\n\n#BenelliNepal #TNT25 #Style #Performance #RidingPleasure
Discover our wide range of naked bikes at reasonable rates.\nVisit our new showrooms in Pokhara and Chitwan.\nShowroom in Itahari Coming Soon!!\n\n#BenelliNepal #TNT25 #TNT300 #TNT600i
Let's see which Benelli bike is loved the most!\nHit Like for TNT25, Love for TNT300 and Wow for 600i.\nShowroom in Itahari Coming Soon!!\n\n#BenelliNepal
Experience an easy, intuitive ride and sheer sports enjoyment with the #TNT300.\n\nNew showrooms in Pokhara and Chitwan!\nShowroom in Itahari Coming Soon!!\n\n#BenelliNepal #TNT300 #NakedSports
Own every road with the bold and stylish #TNT25.\nVisit our new showrooms in Pokhara and Chitwan.\nShowroom in Itahari Coming Soon!!\n\n#BenelliNepal #TNT25 #Stylish #Bold
The #600i overpowers every road with its dominance and superiority.\nDealers available in Pokhara and Chitwan.\n\n#BenelliNepal #600i #Powerful #Dominance #Superior
#TNT300 - A package of excitement for younger riders with easy rideability and naked-bike styling.\n\nBenelli Nepal Family grows bigger. We welcome our new dealers in Pokhara, Itahari and Chitwan.\n\n…
When did Qianjiang Group, the largest Chinese two wheel powered manufacturer buy Benelli?\n\n-2005\n-2006\n-2007\n\n#BenelliNepal
The beast that makes a lasting impression.\n\n#BenelliNepal #TNT300 #Impress
The combination of style and performance of the Zenzero will make every head turn.\n#BenelliNepal #Zenzero #Style
Explore the world, gather experiences while you are at it. \n#Benelli.\n\n#BenelliNepal #Passion
Brothers from Italy had started Benelli with high ambitions.\nHow many brothers shared this dream altogether?\n\n-4\n-5\n-6\n\n#BenelliNepal
Benelli was born out of a small Italian garage in the year 1911. The Benelli brothers Guiseppe, Giovanni, Francesco, Filippo, Domenico and Antonio (Tonino) started with a garage that repaired and manu…
Let the enthusiasm and energy be your fuel. Join Benelli Riders group and be a part of the family. \nJoin Benelli Riders group to know more about recent updates. \nTo join click here:…
#benellinepal #twinsoul #tnt300
#BenelliNepal #Tnt25
Benelli motorcycles are created to meet the requirements of the most demanding riders while ensuring the ultimate riding experience and comfort.
We are now open for booking for our Next Arrival. Book now and get your Benelli at the Introductory Price (6.65 Lakhs).\n\n*Booking available for Limited number of units only.
The Italian Stallion
Only a few units of TNT 300 remains of this consignment. Get you Benelli now..
Are you up to a BENELLI ?
Benelli IXIL exhauts - coming sooner than you think. #benellinepal
its here #doublesoul #Tnt300 #benellinepal
Christmas Offer\nBook your Benelli before Wednesday and get 25000 cash discount flat.. Limited units available.
It Looks really amazing
Almost here:\n#doublesoul #BenelliNepal
Coming soon-It's on the way
We have resumed the test rides for TNT 300 and Zenzero150. For more information do visit us or contact us.
Visit us at the NADA auto expo . #benelli #benellinepal #tnt300 #zenzero #600gt #exclusiveoffer
Do visit us at the NADA Auto Expo at Exhibition grounds Bhirkutimandap from 15-19th of this month
We are stoping the test ride for the Benelli TNT 300 until the completion of the upcoming NADA auto expo which is being held from 15th to 20th of September.
It is time to transform how you ride with the BENELLI TNT300
The Italian Stallion is coming into town
get ready for the all new 600i
according to Australian Motorcycle News the best 300 cc bike
Benelli Nepal is happy to announce that the introductory price of the TNT300 is now 6.65 Lakhs only and 25000/- cash discount for early booking on the introductory price. \nBook your Benelli now..\n\n…
Hear me out !
Benelli Zenzero 150 - Coming soon
We are now OPEN FOR BOOKING and those who book within the 1st two week will get cash discount of Rs. 25,000/- on the introductory price. \nBook your BENELLI for Rs. 20,000/- only\n\nFor further inform…
your key to a new riding experience : #BenelliNepal #Twinsound
If touring is your thing:
Benelli Tnt300/bn302
Benelli Bn302/Tnt300 Vanhool exhaust note:\nMusic to my ears.
Standard Sound of the Tnt 300
Probably the finest components in its segment. \nCheck us out today !
Its never to late ! Test ride the all new Tnt 300, extra wide tyres, bad ass sound,power packed performance, Italian detailing and the right attitude- you will never look at a 300cc motororcycle the s…
The Benelli Tnt300 comes with Pirelli Angel tyres- 120/70R17/C front and 160/60R17/C rear tyres.


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